Diabetic Socks – What They Are? and Why You Need a Pair?

Diabetic Socks – What They Are? and Why You Need a Pair?

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Diabetes management comes with many dos and don’ts, including lifestyle changes, dieting, medication, exercising, etc. Most importantly, diabetes management comes with diabetic socks therapy. In addition, you must take care of your feet as foot injuries lead to greater problems in diabetics.

Unlike your regular socks, diabetic socks come with some health and therapeutic benefits that are advantageous to diabetic patients and others with foot conditions.

In this article, you will learn about diabetic socks and their benefits.

What Are Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks are non-restrictive therapeutic footwear for diabetic patients. It helps diabetics protect their feet, ultimately prohibiting neuropathy, infections, vascular disease, and foot ulcers.  They do this by increasing blood circulation in the legs.

People with diabetes do not have their wounds heal quickly. The best method to avoid this is by preventing such injuries that may take a while to heal, leaving the person exposed to infections and whatnot on the legs.

Although peculiar to diabetic patients, anyone with susceptibility to foot and leg injuries can always wear them.



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What Do Diabetic Socks Do

Diabetes increases the sugar level of those with diabetes – what is known as high blood sugar. This causes circulatory and nervous system issues like diabetic neuropathy, which causes the damage of the nerves and blood vessels in the legs (where your nerves can no longer respond to stimuli). Such issues ultimately lead to a lack of sensation in your legs and feet, which is quite dangerous for your health.

When your feet and legs do not respond to sensation, many things could go wrong without your knowledge. For instance, you could get a cut without knowing and hence delay treatment, leading to foot ulcers.

Diabetic socks are there to help keep your feet dry and fresh always, increase blood flow to the legs to speed up healing of injuries (this handles circulatory problems), reduce the tendency of having feet injuries, and protect your feet from infections and others.


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Antimicrobial socks

The best diabetic socks should have antimicrobial effects to prevent fungi and bacteria. These are socks that are made with yarns that have antimicrobial properties. Examples are those with copper -or silver-infused yarn.

  1. One with an extra moisture-drying tech

Moist feet are prone to fungal infections and like diseases. The best diabetic socks come in yarns that absorb moisture and keep your feet dry and fresh, giving no foot hole for infections to attack or injuries to

  1. Just the right weight of padding

The best diabetic socks should be able to cushion your feet. This means that they must come with padding around the sensitive and vulnerable areas of the feet prone to wounds. Padding also provide extra comfort and protection

Are Diabetic Socks worth It

Yes, diabetic socks are definitely worth it. They are necessary ad essential foot care remedies. But, unfortunately, having diabetes comes with a lot of expenses for diabetic treatment and management.  These include expensive medications, insulin injections, blood sugar monitoring, numerous doctors’ visits, dieting and many more.

Diabetic socks make your life easier and the management more effective. However, while diligently adhering to medical cautions, it’s wise to take other precautions like ensuring your cuts do not go unnoticed and unnoticed cuts do not lead to untreatable long-lasting wounds. This way, you ensure no stone is left unturned, and you’re doing everything to manage diabetes.

Why You Should Wear Diabetic Socks

The following are the benefits you stand to gain from wearing diabetic socks:

  1. They are non-restrictive

You do not want to worsen blood circulation restriction by wearing tight hugging socks on your feet. Instead, it would be best if you promoted free and easy circulation in your feet and legs to avoid blood clots. Diabetic socks come with non-elastic bands and are free on your feet to allow improved circulation.

  1. Versatility and variety

Diabetic socks come in varying lengths to best suit your health needs. They also come in different colors so you can have fun while improving your health.

  1. Easy to wear, easy to wash

You can wear diabetic socks as frequently as is needed, any time of the day. You can also wash them easily as you do your regular socks. However, know when to change your pair as socks that are worn and torn with holes in them only defeat the purpose of wearing them.

  1. Reduced pressure

Diabetic socks offer premium comfort to your feet, thereby reducing the pressure on your legs during activities. This is because they are made in wrinkle-free fabrics that do not fold over in spots and cause pain and discomfort.

  1. Up to date with smart technology

Like with literally everything in the 21st century, some diabetic socks are smart socks imbued with smart technology. For example, they have Bluetooth functions by which you can get them connected to an app. this way, you get alerted and notified of your foot temperature, the forming of foot ulcers, and whatnot.




Take Away

You can purchase your diabetic socks and types of foot care socks and regular socks at the pharmacy, shopping sites, Amazon or other retail stores online.  1Sock2Sock is an online shopping place that provides quality and affordable socks of all sorts, including diabetic socks. You could comfortably get a pair or two for as low as $15, which is a worthy and necessary investment in your health. 



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